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5  COURSE  Conversion  options

We know we can't all build the Taj Mahal when it comes to quality instructional design and course development models. Our goal is to work with the budget you have.

To do this, we offer five levels of Instructional Design / Course Development services. The difference between these five levels has a lot to do with the amount of multi-media involved and the time it takes to create original content.

Medallion and Bronze are for those organizations that are small or working on a limited budget. It provides modern and clean courses containing mostly text content and supporting photos or graphics. Silver is for organizations that want to add video and audio elements to their online courses.

The Gold level includes custom multi-media elements that highlight content or drive learner engagement in the courses. The Platinum level would typically involve the addition of animations and interactive digital content.

Don't hesitate to Contact Us if you want to have our experienced team of Instructional Design and online course development staff convert your courses to online delivery or help you create eLearning courses from scratch.

You can start where you are comfortable, and we can enhance your courses to the next level at a future date when you are ready.

why  bother  with  instructional  design?

Creating an online course

You wouldn't build a house without using an architect. So, why would you start creating an online course without an Instructional Designer?

An Instructional Designer working with an experienced online Course Developer and using the latest instructional design models and eLearning authoring tools knows how to create an online course that will be SCORM and HTML5 compliant and successful.

Why does SCORM and HTML5 compliance matter? SCORM standards ensure that your courses can be seamlessly uploaded or downloaded from any of the leading LMS on the market. HTML5 compliance means your learners will be able to access the material from any device - smart phones, tablets, laptops or desktops.

We think using an Instructional Designer is a critically important step when you are still just test-driving our products and services in your Free LMS Trial. So, we assign one to you on Day 1 to start working with your Subject Matter Expert (SME).

Instructional Design

The Instructional Designer and your SME will assess your content and discuss how to create an online course that is both SCORM and HTML5 compliant and while still delivering quality online learning. The goal is to organize the content in ways that make the acquisition of knowledge and skills more efficient, effective, and engaging for the learner.

During your Free LMS Trial, your SME and Instructional Designer will create a module of the online course you have planned and load that into the Learning Management System. From there you and your team can assess the course content in the LMS and advise on changes or enhancements you may want. 

When you become a customer, the SME and Instructional Designer will continue to work together to draw up a blueprint for all the online courses you plan to develop and pass these to the eLearning Course Development team.

Our thinking here is that starting with an Instructional Designer during your Free LMS Trial gives you a chance to see what it's like to work with us, assess the quality of the course module we build together, and then test that content in the LMS with your pilot group.

FYI... There is no cost for this. It's a Free Trial.

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