It Takes More Than just Software


Your Learning Management System is just the tip of the iceberg.
It takes more than just software to design, build and manage a quality online learning program.
      • Instructional Designers
      • Course Developers
      • Day-to-Day Admin Support
      • Continuous Staff Training
      • Technical Support Help Desk
      • Experienced Advisors
These cost a lot of money and create barriers to entry for a smaller organization or those working with a limited budget.

Our approach is to include all these support services in your LMS package with a pricing model that fits your budget and how you run your organization.


Learn  how  we  Help  your  online  program  succeed

What  We  Do  (in  3  minutes)

A  full-service  turnkey  approach

We don’t just sell you the Learning Management System and leave you to figure out the rest. We take you through the process to make sure your online program succeeds and roll-up our sleeves and grab a shovel when there is some tough work to get done.

A  shared-services  model

Servers, back-end infrastructure, technical support staff and everything else you need to set-up are expensive for smaller organizations. We handle the heavy lifting by maintaining and enhancing the Learning Management System, supporting your course design and course build process, helping you run your day-to-day operations, providing a Technical Support Help Desk and including unlimited instructor and staff training.

Fair  and  sensible  pricing

You can choose between either an annual license or pay-as-you-go pricing model or a mix of both if that's what meets your requirements. The goal is to ensure that you never pay for more technology or services than you actually need or use. If, for example, you do buy a bigger license than you need we simply roll the unused portion into the following year. Fair and sensible pricing is not rocket science.

Access  to  veterans

Our team of Instructional Designers, Course Developers, Multimedia Technologists and eLearning Consultants provide you with many decades of experience to make sure you are using the Learning Management System in the best way possible and your program is a success.

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