Top LMS Systems Give New Canadians a Path to Jobs

05.24.23 06:00 AM Comment(s) By Paul Jacobelli

Utimus chooses EdTek Services, a long-time provider of top LMS systems for small business, to deliver skills training to New Canadians

TORONTO, CANADA, May 30, 2023/ -- Utimus, a provider of custom skills training and job placement services, will partner with EdTek Services, a long-time, full-service provider of top LMS systems for small business, to deliver quality online skills training to New Canadians.

Utimus and EdTek Services will help New Canadians gain the essential skills and experience to find meaningful employment in the manufacturing sector, delivered through a combination of online and in-person courses tailored to the needs of each candidate.

“Let’s eliminate the barriers between fantastic potential employees and available jobs,” says Utimus President, Brian Macdonald. “We can identify, recruit, train, mentor, and place immigrants and refugees into meaningful jobs across Canada and use EdTek's LMS software and online Soft Skills training courses to help us do that."

The goal is to remove the barriers hindering New Canadians from securing long-term manufacturing employment, such as essential language skills, mentoring, and training.

“Brian recruited us last year to join Aman Lara, Deloitte (Canada), Interactyx, Learn eCORE, Valemount Consulting, and The Value Exchange and launch a similar online skills training program for over 3400 Afghan allies and their families,” said EdTek President, Paul Jacobelli. “With a skilled labor shortage among manufacturers, this initiative is so obvious. We have to help the thousands of motivated New Canadians secure these jobs.”

Utimus will leverage EdTek's LMS Services package and its extensive training library, which includes hundreds of online courses already offered to New Canadians, including refugees who have fled conflict zones such as Afghanistan and Ukraine. These customized courses offer immigrants and refugees new skills often required for employees entering Canada’s manufacturing sector.

About EdTek Services, Inc.:
EdTek Services ( partners with small and medium-sized companies, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions and offers consulting, training, hands-on administrative support, and technology solutions in a package that enables its clients to deliver top-quality online training and education. Their skills training library offers customizable courses on various topics such as compliance training, soft skills development, leadership development, sales training, and customer service training.

About Utimus:
Utimus ( is a provider of custom training and job placement services for New Canadians. Utimus is a veteran-led organization.

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