"As a small, Catholic, specialty college, we chose EdTek Services because they have small college prices with accessible services. The company is willing to go the extra mile to help you implement and solve problems that arise.”

Dr. Rebecca Jones, Chancellor, West Suburban College of Nursing

“We were looking for a quality online learning platform with 24/7 technical support services that didn’t cost us a fortune. EdTek provides that for us and has met all of our expectations.”

Dr. Sue O'Donnell, Program Director, U.S. Office of Personnel Management

“All the major eLearning providers have a heavy upfront cost. EdTek’s turn-key package of products and services gave us the top technology and support we needed and their fee-per-user pricing model eliminated risk.”

Ken Westray, President, NP Learning

"As a small non-profit tasked with providing a state mandated training curriculum, we needed an easy way to deliver the training. With Maine being such a large state and with the economy as it is, we needed a way to provide the training without incurring large travel costs - we needed a hybrid product that would enable us to continue live classes and allow for distance learning too.

The online option seemed like a no-brainer; we searched far and wide for many ways to provide this ‘hybrid option’ while keeping our costs at a minimum. There appeared to be so many online sites that offered eLearning products; however, most had upfront (startup) costs that were substantial considering there was little assistance and or room for growth - until we found EdTek Services that is!

They were able to provide us with a great turnkey package of products and services that fit our needs - and within our budget! Their product is able to grow as we do, the platform is always the most current, the training for instructors is very good and useful, and the 24/7 Help Desk for students and instructors is just the cherry on top! The knowledgeable tech and client services consultant support has been unparalleled with their ability to help us brand our site, implement it, and solve any problems that arose while loading content.

I recommend EdTek to anyone looking for an online learning system!"

Taanya Pillsbury, Training Technology Specialist, Behavioral Health Sciences Institute

"EdTek has been an invaluable partner to us as we expand our online programs. The team at EdTek provided us with solid counsel as well as the technology and services we needed to get our online degree programs off the ground. EdTek was willing to take the time and care to help us grow the way that best suited our institution."

Jonathan Small, Director of Online Programs, Bay State College

“I had used three online learning management systems before EdTek introduced ourt eam to their LMS. What a breath of fresh air! I had become accustomed to an academic look-and-feel and unhelpful help desks when what I needed was a more corporate adult learning look-and-feel and an LMS that is responsive to my needs. For example, for 15 years I have asked other systems to provide me with notification of learner posts to bulletin boards, and this feature never appeared. I’ve only used EdTek's LMS for six months now, and they have already committed to delivering this feature! I call that excellent customer focus. Thanks EdTek for meeting my needs for online learning.”

Pierce J. Howard, Ph.D., Managing Director for Research and Development, Center for Applied Cognitive Studies

"The support I get from EdTek is phenomenal. Their staff are personable, flexible and eager to help. They treat me like a teammate and we solve problems together. We have an ongoing working relationship, the product of which is a great service that we can offer to our students."

Jeff Wheeldon, Registrar for Distance Education, Providence University College and Theological Seminary

"We have used EdTek's LMS offering for years and our experience has been exemplary! The system is the epitome of stability, the user interface is remarkably intuitive, and in case you do have an issue, the support team has been a pleasure to work with. In my opinion, EdTek offers the gold standard of Learning Management Systems for virtual education!!"

Barry T. Lease, Director of Instructional Quality, Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science


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