How our Kick-Start  package  Helps  You


  • Are you just starting out with online learning?
  • Are you a small-to-medium size company or non-profit that wants to train your staff, your membership or the general public?
  • Maybe you are a larger organization but the budget for developing online programs is limited and you need help.
  • Perhaps you already have an online program and you simply want to contain your costs while you grow.
  • If this describes your organization then a Kick-Start Package may be exactly what you need.

"All the major eLearning providers have a heavy upfront cost. EdTek's turn-key package of products and services gave us the top technology and support we need and their pricing model eliminated risk"

Ken Westray, President

NP Learning

Learn  how  we  help  your  online  program  succeed

Contain  Your  Cost

  • The Fee-Per-Learner, Pay-As-You-Go option means you only pay for people who take your courses.
  • As your registrations grow you can switch to our flexible Annual License option and take advantage of our volume discount.
  • The flexible Annual License option enables you to buy licenses in bulk amounts throughout the year and still benefit from a volume discount calculated on your total purchases.
  • If you ever buy more licenses than you need we simply roll them over into the next year.

No  Hardware  Required

  • Our Learning Management Systems are hosted in state-of-the-art data-centers. All upgrades are FREE and maintenance is included.

Technical  Support  Help  Desk

  • We provide a Technical Support Help Desk for your learners so they don't have to bother you.
  • Automatic password retrieval to manage the #1 user issue so you don't have to.

Administrative  Support

  • A dedicated Client Service Consultant provides a single consistent point of contact to help you run your online program.

Instructional  Design  and  Course  Development  Support

  • A dedicated Instructional Designer and Course Developer to assist you with Course Migration, Course Design and Course Building.

FREE  and  Unlimited  Training

  • In case you didn't get that.... all our training is FREE and Unlimited.


  • Our dedicated team can help you have your program up and running in 30-60 days.

Learn  how  we  can  help  your  online  program  succeed

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