K-12 Education

Today’s students and parents expect learning to take place in the classroom, in the library, at home and online. In response, many schools are developing custom Blended Learning models or Flipped Classrooms to meet the unique requirements of their students and their own approaches to education.

6 Reasons to "Flip" your classroom

  • Teaching 21st Century skills – work, share and collaborate online.
  • Engaging modern students – your students are already utilizing Facebook,Twitter, etc.
  • More effective class time – spend more time with individual students addressing their needs.
  • Further engage parents – provide parents with deeper insight into individual student progress.
  • Better results – studies reveal evidence of improved student skills.
  • Lower costs – reduction of costs for textbooks, paper, photocopying, mailing, etc.

If you are a K-12 school that wants to introduce or enhance the use of Learning Management System technologies EdTek can help you do that.

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