Higher Education

At the core of any good online learning program is a stable and dependable online Campus and Learning Management System that contains all the tools and features required to offer robust, engaging and high-quality online courses. Your LMS should also equip you with significant support in the form of administrative reporting systems so you can readily and easily gather the data you need to provide your management team, accreditation agencies, or clients.

Having eLearning software is no guarantee of a successful online program. Great eLearning software requires great hosting and maintenance support, a reliable and responsive 24/7 Technology Support Help Desk with Toll Free telephone access, training and orientation courses for your learners and instructors and vendor support to help your staff run their programs.

Simply "plugging" in a Learning Management System, building courses, enrolling students and providing some level of support however more often then not, collapses without a good foundation. Many of our most successful Higher Education partners engaged us in the beginning through our Readiness Assessment and Program Approval solutions. They simply built a good foundation before building a full Online Learning program on top.