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EdTek  Helps  You  Afford  Professional  Online  Course  Development

If you don’t have the resources to buy online education software, IT hardware, hire extra staff to run your data-center and provide Technical Help Desk Support AND build quality courses then you need to think hard about how you are spending your budget dollars. Here’s why?

Without quality courses you will not have a successful online education program. Period.

EdTek’s hosted online education software and our pay-as-you-go, fee-per-learner pricing model can help you stretch your budget so you can meet all your priorities and put together the online learning team you need. Imagine the resources you would have available if you didn’t have to buy the software and hardware and have as many IT staff babysitting the data-center. You might actually have enough to do quality online course design and build quality online courses.

Now let’s go one step further. Imagine the resources you would save if you didn’t have to hire a full-time team of course development specialists to build all your courses.

How would your budget for building courses look if you could hire that kind of talent on an as-needed basis? You just might have more resources to dedicate to high-end content development or marketing.

Why  You  Need  Professional  Online  Course  Design  and  Course  Building  Expertise

Ask yourself this simple question: If you wouldn't live in a badly designed and badly built home then why would you expect your learners to thrive in a badly designed and badly built online course?

Professional online course design and course building expertise is as important to the overall success of your online learning program as an architect or trades-people are in the construction of a house. You need an architect to work with you to draw up the plans for what the house will look like and how it should be built. Then you need skilled trades-people to construct the house according to the plan using the best available materials.

Likewise, you need an instructional designer to work with your subject matter experts to draw up the plans for what an online course will look like and what content needs to be gathered to build that course. Then you need course developers and multimedia developers to actually build the online course itself. The end result of these two processes is an online course that stands the test of time. To do otherwise could lead to shoddy construction and potential disaster.

Quality  Online  Course  Design  Promotes  Learner  Retention

For many learners taking an online course may be a new experience. Perhaps they are not comfortable with computers or working on the internet. If this is the case then what they need are course instructions and online course content that is straightforward, well organized, easy to understand and navigate and relevant to their reasons for enrolling in your online education program.

If your learners have taken online courses before or are active users of the internet for a lot of their daily information, product or entertainment needs then they probably have even high standards for online learning courses. If you don’t dedicate the right resources to building quality online courses then sooner or later the people taking your classes will see how poorly the online course is designed and constructed and feel disengaged from the content and the learning process that is supposed to be taking place.

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