Corporations are a social enterprise requiring learning and engagement to occur not only in the board room or cubicle. Organizations require the ability for employees, managers and clients to engage in a collaborative learning environment. Whether your Human Resources group is conducting orientation training, your sales staff are engaged in sales training initiatives or your have a lengthy customer training program, you can no longer rely on your corporate learning administrator to conduct all the "heavy lifting".

Organizations must remain competitive, and in order to do so, innovation within your product or service line is not enough. You likely realize that innovation within how you train and professionally develop your staff is a catalyst to out-pacing your competition.

At EdTek our Learning Management System allows you to engage with your employees, stakeholders and even clients or customers in a way that standard corporate Learning Management Systems simply cannot approach. Through live audio/video collaboration sessions, assessment mechanisms, dashboard intensive information distribution, customized and open content development tools and mobile learning frameworks, our system can provide your organization with the necessary tools, collaboration, insight and capability to create a powerful and innovative workforce.