EdTek Launches Aman Lara Skills Training Program

06.13.23 01:17 PM Comment(s) By Paul Jacobelli

EdTek Services, Topyx, Learn eCORE, Valemount Consulting, and The Value Exchange help launch 
Aman Lara's Online Skills Training Program.

TORONTO, CANADA, June 13, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- EdTek Services, a long-time provider of top LMS systems and LMS support services for small and midsize organizations, is excited to announce the launch of Aman Lara's Online Skills Training Program for Afghan and Ukrainian refugees in Canada and abroad.

The plans for the Online Skills Training Program were first announced in September 2022 at an event, hosted by Deloitte Canada, to celebrate Aman Lara's 1st Anniversary and its success in bringing over 3400 Afghan refugees to Canada. To date, Aman Lara has provided critical assistance to over 6000 Afghans and over 500 Ukrainians escaping the violence in their countries.

The group of companies supporting Aman Lara's 1st Anniversary event and the launch of the skills training initiative included Deloitte Canada, EdTek Services, Topyx, Learn eCORE, Valemount Consulting, and The Value Exchange.

Aman Lara’s Online Skills Training Program will offer 350+ Soft Skills courses at no cost to Afghan and Ukrainian refugees. The goal is to help them adjust to their new lives and to prepare them for the workforce.

"We are excited to offer the Online Skills Training Program to both Afghans and Ukrainians fleeing the violence in their countries," said Sheona McGraw, Executive Director of Aman Lara. "The program will be free and will help provide them with the skills they need to succeed in Canada and abroad."

"We worked hard with Aman Lara and this group of partner companies to organize the project resources and get it underway," Paul Jacobelli, President of EdTek, said. "We could not have done this alone and are grateful to supporters at Deloitte Canada, Topyx, and the other partner companies for assisting Aman Lara with this important initiative."

The Soft Skills courses being offered cover the following topics: Administrative Skills; Career Development; Human Resources; Personal Development; Sales and Marketing; Supervisors and Managers; Workplace Essentials; Information Technology; Customer Success; Project Management; and, Microsoft Office.

Courses will include a mix of video lessons, interactive content, narration, readings, quizzes, and exercises. The Online Skills Training Program will initially be made available in English and, as funding permits, will be expanded to include Dari, Pashto, and Ukrainian.

About Aman Lara:
Aman Lara is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2021 by Canadian Armed Forces veterans, former Locally Employed Staff (LES), and Canadian volunteers who were concerned about the security situation in Afghanistan and wanted to help vulnerable Afghans evacuate and resettle in Canada and other safe jurisdictions. In 2022, Aman Lara quickly adapted its services to aid in the evacuation efforts during the war in Ukraine, facilitating safe passage for asylum seekers, sick children, and other civilians bound for Canada or other safe destinations. To learn more about how you can support Aman Lara's mission visit https://amanlara.com.

About EdTek:
Founded in 2003, EdTek Services focuses on providing top LMS systems and LMS support services for small and medium-sized businesses, nonprofits, government departments, and academic institutions. EdTek's package of LMS support services includes consulting, unlimited training, hands-on administrative support, help-desk support for users, 350+ Soft Skills courses in the LMS Library, a web conference platform, and access to millions of digital media resources. EdTek's all-inclusive SaaS LMS pricing helps smaller organizations stretch their budgets to deliver the same level of quality training and education as any of the leading providers in the marketplace.

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