Online Program Approval and Accreditation Consulting

Accreditation and Program  Approval

Applying for academic accreditation or program approval is like visiting the dentist. You don’t look forward to the process but you have to do it. Having good habits from the outset can eliminate the pain you experience with each visit.

Get  An  Experienced  Accreditation  Consultant

EdTek's experienced accreditation consultants have first-hand knowledge of how to get your applications approved at the state, regional and national level. Our consultants have completed successful accreditation projects before and know how to successfully navigate the accreditation process to save you time and money.

Navigating  the  Political  Process

The accreditation process is as much about politics and personalities as it is about meeting the requirements. We work to develop an understanding of your accreditation commission and move your application through the process without delay. We know what an accrediting agency looks for and our consultative approach with agency staff ensures that your application meets their expectations before you submit the documents.

Program approval and accreditation can be daunting. The forms are lengthy and require that information be presented in a specific manner. Having someone fluent in accreditation-speak will help shorten the process by anticipating what accreditors need to quickly assess and approve your application.

Invested  in  Your  Success

As a first step in the process we work with you to undertake a Readiness Assessment. This tells you whether you need to make academic and organizational improvements before you apply. There is no point in starting the process if your organization is not equipped to succeed. A failure could damage your hard-won reputation and seriously hurt your finances

The second step is where our consultants work with your organization to plan and implement the changes identified in the Readiness Assessment. The third step involves our consultants assisting you with preparing your application and supporting documents. The final step involves a mock site visit where our consultants walk your staff through what they can expect from the visiting team.

You  Can  Afford  Program  Approval  &  Accreditation  Consultants

EdTek offers experienced and professional accreditation consulting at a price that small education providers can afford. Our approach will save you money in the long run.

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