About Us

Our mission is to provide industry-leading, full-service eLearning technology and support at an affordable price and with a business model that makes sense and further enables our education partners to develop and deliver successful education programs .

Dedicated to Smaller  Education  and  Training  Providers

EdTek Services, Inc. was founded in 2003 in direct response to calls by smaller education providers in the academic, business and non-profit sectors for a means to access premium education technology and support solutions at a price they could afford.

Best  Technology  &  Support  Services

We offer one of the leading hosted, turnkey Learning Management Systems in the education market together with a package of customized value-added support services and a business model that is tuned to your institutional requirements.

Affordable  Prices

EdTek developed a shared-services model to split out the cost of the very best eLearning technology and customer service in the market among a wide group of education providers. Membership in this larger community is what enables each of our smaller education partners to access premium education technology and support services at a price they can afford.

Sensible  Cost  Model

We want our education partners to utilize a cost model that best fits the way they do business. Our fee-per-user, pay-as-you-go model significantly minimizes your upfront investment and helps you align your ongoing costs with the revenue from your program. Simply put... you only pay for the users that register in your courses.

Our annual license model affords you a volume discount and helps draw a tight box around your budgeted expenses while still enabling you to increase the size of the license as needed and grandfather in further volume discounts. The goal is to help ensure that you never pay for more than you actually need or use.


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